Whoa, a new movie by Pawan Kumar!

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C10H14N2 are you in it ?

Another dreamchild of Pawan Kumar, director of the movie LUCIA is coming up! He has named it C10H14N2, the chemical formula of Nicotine. It’s an Action Drama Thriller. As the title suggests the film is of the same theme.

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This is an attempt to fund the movie by pre-ordering it. Why do we have to pre-order it?! Why can’t he find a producer for the movie? Well, see the ‘why’ page.


Why crowd-funding? Why not a producer?

  1. This is an expensive film.

  2. Such an investment has no returns in the Kannada market.

  3. Satellite channels may not be interested in buying it at all.

  4. The film has no reason to have popular genre songs.

  5. This script will not interest a star or his audience.

Should such a film be made in Kannada? If yes, who will come forward to invest with such financial risks? Are there any means other than bringing the audience together to pre order and hence use the funds to make the film?


It all started with Lucia!

Pawan Kumar explains how he came up with the idea called Lucia here. So when he was ready with the script, no producer dared to make it a movie because it had no ‘masala’ in it!

When there was no hope, Pawan had to turn towards the audience. When he posted the idea of lucia on facebook, many people supported and few opposed as the idea was quite novel for Kannada. But an idea never dies, it’s immortal!

Then began the crowd-funding strategy for Project-Lucia. Pawan was able to raise 3,00,000 INR in just 2 days! That’s huge for a Kannada movie.

After an year, Lucia came out on big screens winning Audience choice best film in LIFF. It has been to many film festivals and made all Kannadigas proud! It was the only movie to get a ‘House Full’ board on LIFF.

Here is a list of notable reviews the movie has got so far.

How the crowd-funding works?

Hear it in Pawan’s words!

“The movie will be produced by YOU – the audience. For years you have complained that you don’t like what is being produced in the Kannada industry and similarly I don’t like what I am forced to make as a director. So let’s come together and solve each others problems!

The idea is simple. I am selling 2000 tickets for the movie Lucia; I will start making the movie after all the tickets are sold. Crazy, right! But it’s true. By selling 2000 tickets I intend to raise 100,000 US dollars (50 lakh Indian rupees approximately) and this is the funding that will go into making this movie.

If you don’t have faith in this, and if you don’t trust me and my intentions, you could skip reading the rest. No hard feelings, I know this is not easy.

If you want to know about my credentials before you buy your ticket, please browse through the site, you will get to know everything you want to know about me and my work. You could also see my debut feature film – Lifeu Ishtene and then decide whether you want to buy a ticket or not.”


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Buy now, get the download link later

Pre-ordering has been closed as Pawn took up U-Turn movie in between. C10H14N2 will be out next year.


C10 H14 N2 - Candid confessions of Pawan (in Kannada)

Yes there are no subtitles …

consious decision to reach only those who understand the language and to gauge the response.

-Pawan Kumar

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